Low-cost Hybrid Materials Development

Ariane 6


We are developing novel materials for use in space as there is an increasing need for a new lost cost hybrid material.  The new material will provide improved protection against radiation and micrometeorites for the safety of spacecraft and its crew. We are working on a form of shielding that will create protection from impact events that can’t be avoided.


The approach to the project is to select materials based on characteristics and properties that fulfil the desired functions. Current successful shields will be investigated; we will then join the knowledge of the project team and the results from current shields. A range of concepts shall be considered and candidate material designs for hybrid shielding systems shall be developed.


  • Providing improved protection against radiation and micrometeorites
  • Crew safety
  • Providing more protection per kilogram than current materials
  • Designing and developing a material that will be particularly useful in deep space missions