We have created, in some cases patented, and are currently developing what we believe to be some highly disruptive technologies for a range of sectors

  • In-Space Manufacturing (of very large structures)¬†click to link through to our dedicated technology micro-site
  • Non Pyro Release Mechanism
  • Acoustic/Ultrasonic fuel gauging
  • Acoustic/Ultrasonic propulsion management device
  • AM/3D Printed Crushable structures
  • Ultrasonic drilling/sample preparation
  • Windows design for manned spaceflight
  • Low cost hybrid materials
  • Solar panel dust removal for planetary exploration
  • Surface finish technology for AM/3D printed components
  • Rotor blade disc e.g. for a turbofan engine
  • Blood sample processing system
  • Sepsis detection system

For further information on any of our technology developments please click on the links or contact us

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