Planetary Exploration DUSTER Gas Control System Ready for Test

The European Space Agency DUSTER projects aims to develop technology to remove dust from planetary exploration vehicles solar panels. Project partners include Open University, Fluid Gravity and Bristol Robotics Laboratory. The video below shows the Gas Control System in test at Magna Parva.  Tests will be carried out at an environmental test facility in Aarhus DenmarkContinue reading “Planetary Exploration DUSTER Gas Control System Ready for Test”

New Spacecraft Materials Ready for Test

In the development of new and innovative hybrid materials for spacecraft protection we are about to commence the test campaign. The new low cost hybrid materials have been manufactured and the materials will now be tested to ensure that they meet the desired function of protecting the spacecraft and crew from unavoidable impact and dangerContinue reading “New Spacecraft Materials Ready for Test”

Magna Parva start the move onto Leicester’s Pioneer Science Park

The company has started a year long transition to a brand new office and laboratory facility next to the National Space Centre on Leicester’s Pioneer science park. The new facility will be part of a development called DOCK 2 due to be completed at the end of 2016. During the 2016 transition period the headContinue reading “Magna Parva start the move onto Leicester’s Pioneer Science Park”