Successful Flight Hardware Installation

The Mercury Imaging X-ray Spectrometer (MIXS), with the optics structures designed and supplied by Magna Parva in collaboration with the University of Leicester, has been successfully installed on the BepiColombo Mercury Planetary Orbiter (MPO).

MIXS is a University of Leicester instrument, and was until his untimely death led by Professor George Fraser who is greatly missed by all at Magna Parva.

The BepiColombo mission is one of ESA’s cornerstone missions in cooperation with Japan and will provide the most complete exploration of Mercury to date. The mission will consist of two separate spacecraft that will orbit the planet. ESA is building one of the main spacecraft, the Mercury Planetary Orbiter (MPO), and the Japanese space agency JAXA will contribute the other, the Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (MMO). BepiColombo will help to reveal information on the composition and history of Mercury, as well as general information on the formation of the rocky planets, including the Earth.

For further information on the work Magna Parva provided for the instrument please see our project case study page.

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