Engineering your Space


Satellite Structures

Design and Supply

Full turnkey solutions for nano/micro satellite structures or design/supply only. Magna Parva satellite structures have been developed as modular, generic structures that are either based on CubeSat standards or for larger satellites micro-satellite standards.  For CubeSat structures we can provide developers options from 6U upwards that allow for maximum mass efficiency and accessibility during the build and integration processes.

Cost and mass effective structures from 6U Cubesat to 150kg micro-satellites. Contact us to discuss your mission need.

Earth Observation, planetary science/exploration payload/instruments. Contact us to discuss your mission need.


Structures for Space instruments and payloads

Design and Supply

Mass and cost effective bespoke design and supply of structures for satellite payloads and instruments


Ground Support Equipment

Design and Build

Design and supply of the mechanical and electrical Ground Support Equipment for spacecraft and flight instruments.

Cost effective mechanical design and supply of GSE. Contact us to discuss your mission need.

15 Years Mission Experience

Founded in 2005, Magna Parva have experience across a wide range of missions both at the European Space Agency, but also New Space

Mechanical Systems Expertise

Focussed on cost and mass effective structural, mechanical, mechanism solutions no matter how challenging the environment

Recognised Quality System

Robust quality system, capable of both working within the contraints of ESA missions but also the flexibility needed by the New Space industry.

Responsive and Flexible

Magna Parva is a small, independent company able to respond quickly as required by your mission.

Magna Parva has been proudly serving the Space industry since 2005.

Some of our Missions


Design and build of the Radiometric Calibration Test Rig


Design and build of the Mercury Imaging X-Ray Spectrometer structure


Design and supply of a scalable micro-satellite structure

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