Magna Parva is a Space Engineering and Technology company with exceptional experience delivering over 80 successful solutions since 2005 for hostile environments.

Our work often begins at low Technology Readiness Levels or laboratory demonstrated technological principles. We employ advanced yet proven methodologies to take projects through to production engineered, fully field tested and supported products.

Product design and development
Thermal, mechanical and electromagnetic analysis
Prototyping and manufacturing
Testing and validation
Systems engineering
Project management

The techniques we have developed and proved in delivering critical space technologies are harnessed to manage the risk of our highly innovative approaches.

Our engineers and scientists provide solutions to today’s toughest challenges.

Recent Projects

Magna Parva engineer next generation Space technologies bringing significant heritage from R&D and flight missions such as ExoMars and BepiColombo.

Space technology experts are to help boost the profits of one of the world’s leading drinks can makers

Ian Griffin – Leicester Mercury

UK Company plans to boldly go and make machines in Space

Financial Times

Magna Parva, a rising star of UK technology

The Engineer

Magna Parva has produced a prototype in-orbit manufacturing system that should provide a method of producing huge carbon composite 3D structures in space

Space Daily

Recent Blog Posts

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