• Additive Manufacturing used for Earth Re-entry Capsule

    Magna Parva have completed an ESA contract to develop a additive manufactured (3D printed) material for a crushable thermal protection system for the Earth re-entry capsule that will hold a 500g Martian soil sample.

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  • In-Space Manufacturing Website Launch

    A microsite dedicated to In-Space Manufacturing technology developments at Magna Parva has been launched

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  • In-Space Manufacturing Prototype

    Prototype demonstrates 3D structures manufacturing for in-Space applications

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  • Successful Flight Hardware Installation

    The Mercury Imaging X-ray Spectrometer (MIXS), with the optics structures designed and supplied by Magna Parva in collaboration with the University of Leicester, have been successfully installed on the BepiColombo Mercury Planetary Orbiter (MPO).

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  • Zero-g fuel manipulation tech developed

    The moving and positioning of fuel using sound for use in launchers and spacecraft has been tested successfully potentially creating significant fuel efficiency benefits.

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  • Space windows test facility launched

    Testing has completed on our ESA contract to develop spacecraft windows.. with a bang

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  • Spacecraft protection ESA contract win

    Magna Parva start work on an ESA contract for developing protection materials for Spacecraft

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  • The Higher Apprenticeship in Space Engineering, is a unique programme designed to provide the UK Space Engineering industry with highly skilled personnel.

    ‘Our Higher Apprenticeship has been developed by the industry, for the industry and will help to bridge the skills gap that has emerged in the sector.’

    Apprenticeship launched

    Magna Parva with Loughborough College, in partnership with the National Space Centre, have developed a brand new Higher Apprenticeship with the first two apprentices now employed.

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